Services in NMR Interpretation

  • Simple Structure Confirmation
  • Comprehensive Peak Assignment
  • Structure Elucidation of Unknown Compounds
  • Customized Services on Request

Simple Structure Confirmation

Basic Service. You will get the information whether the spectrum fits with the supposed structure.

Comprehensive Peak Assignment

Increased reliability. Additionally to the Basic Service each proton signal will be assigned to a specific peak. In case of signal overlaps or other issues tentative information will be provided.

Structure Elucidation of Unknown Compounds

For compounds with uncertain structure, e.g. unexpected side products you can opt for this. Please provide details about its origin, e.g. synthetic conditions. Please also include additional analytical data you might have, for example MS spectra.

Customized Services on Request

Anything else - please feel free to describe specific requirements you might have. We will find a way!

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